Extended Interviews with Business Leaders

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Kathy Gerwig, VP, Kaiser Permanante

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Kaiser Permanente uses its purchasing clout to create new markets for safer medical products, and has spent years removing toxic chemicals from its operations to protect patient health.

Kaiser Permanente is the nation's largest integrated health care delivery program. The company:

  • Is a non-profit organization with $40 billion in annual revenues.
  • Spends $14 billion annually on products and services.
  • Employs 167,000 staff and 14,600 physicians.
  • Serves 8.6 million members in nine states—California, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Maryland, Ohio, Oregon, Virginia and Washington—and the District of Columbia.
  • Operates 35 hospital-based medical centers and 431 medical office buildings

Susan Vickers, VP, Catholic Healthcare West

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Catholic Healthcare West (CHW) is a faith-based, mission-driven organization of nearly 60,000 physicians, employees and volunteers who daily deliver quality, compassionate care to communities across Arizona, California and Nevada. Its mission is to advocate for change, both within the healthcare industry and globally, that improves the quality of life. Catholic Healthcare West (CHW) manages to combine business success with a commitment to sustainability.

Catholic Healthcare West:

  • 8th largest hospital provider in the nation
  • Largest hospital system in California
  • Serving 22 million members
  • $9 billion in an annual revenues
  • 50,000 employees
  • 9,754 physicians
  • 41 hospitals, 45 clinics, 9 trauma centers
  • 1 million annual emergency room visits
  • Delivering 66,000 babies each year

Howard Williams, VP, Construction Specialties Inc.

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Construction Specialties, Inc. has created a niche for itself by developing and manufacturing environmentally responsible building products. This $300-million-a-year business helps builders avoid PVC, PBTs, and other chemicals known to harm human health and the environment. The demand for environmentally responsible and relevant building products is growing rapidly. Construction Specialties develops and manufactures architectural building products for non-residential construction.

  • Privately owned U.S. company
  • Headquarters — Lebanon, NJ
  • Manufacturing at 30 locations in 19 countries
  • Worldwide revenues of $300 million
  • 13 Cradle to Cradle certified products Eliminating PVC and PBTs from all products, starting with Acrovyn Wall Protection products for North America

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