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April 16, 2007

Toxic Chemical Risks to Portfolios Are Focus of Video for Individual Investors, Pension Fund Fiduciaries and Investment Professionals

A new video released today provides individual investors, pension fund fiduciaries and other investment world professionals with a twenty-minute “short course” on how toxic chemicals in products relate to investment risk and opportunity. As the video explains, these issues will be prominent in six shareholder meetings starting in April and unfolding throughout the 2007 proxy season, continuing challenges begun in the 2006 proxy season by members of the Investor Environmental Health Network (IEHN).

Entitled “Toxic Chemicals in Products: Financial Risks and Opportunities,” the video focuses on numerous companies, including Wal-Mart, SC Johnson, DuPont, Bed Bath & Beyond, Apple, Dow Chemical, and Avalon Cosmetics.

The video features comments by leading experts and investors from three continents, including: Vermont Treasurer Jeb Spaulding; Robert Monks, Lens Investments; Heather Langsner, Innovest Strategic Value Advisors; Melissa Brown, Association for Sustainable and Responsible Investment in Asia, Julie Fox Gorte, Vice President, Calvert Funds; Raj Thamotheram, USS (the largest UK higher education pension fund); Vesela Veleva, Citizens Funds; Blaine Aikin, Center for Fiduciary Studies; John Warner, Director, Center for Green Chemistry, University of Massachusetts — Lowell; and Morris Shriftman, Vice President, Avalon Cosmetics.

Over two years in production, the video was produced by Strategic Video for the Investor Environmental Health Network and will be distributed to interested investors on DVD. Contact Sanford Lewis at gnproject [at] earthlink.net for information on obtaining and screening the DVD. The video also can be viewed on YouTube and at the online media page on the IEHN Web site. Ipod, quicktime and windows media formatted downloads will also be available on the IEHN Web site.

Rush copies of the DVD are available to news broadcasters by phoning producer Sanford Lewis at (413) 549-7333.

The new video is being released amid other new developments on corporate management of toxic chemicals. A new report from DuPont Shareholders for Fair Value warns of the company’s failure to disclose continuing financial risks from the chemical PFOA used in various consumer products. And the University of Virginia Darden Graduate School of Business Administration is releasing a series of ten mini-case studies, Environment, Health and Sustainable Business Enter the Mainstream, produced in collaboration with IEHN, offering examples of corporate innovations producing financial benefits. The case studies are available for free download from Darden Business Publishing.

The video also follows on the heels of IEHN’s “Fiduciary Guide to Toxic Chemical Risk.” The guide provides a comprehensive set of action steps that can be taken by investors to translate the long-term threats and opportunities associated with toxic chemical issues into prudent portfolio stewardship.

The Investor Environmental Health Network is a collaborative partnership of institutional investors, advised by nongovernmental organizations, concerned about the market and health risks associated with corporate toxics policies. It serves as an informational resource and secretariat for investors working to reduce portfolio risk related to toxics. For more information, visit our Web site.


Sanford Lewis, (413) 549-7333 and [email protected]